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Songwriter / Musician / Vocalist

Born Delroy Pusey in Black River St Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I. January 20, 1959. In 1974 he started his first band as a guitarist and ended up as the drummer, There name was the PERFIDIANS. He played around the six neighboring states, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. The band continued until 1980.

In 1981 he helped put together another band, CIRCUIT BREAKERS, which became a back-up band for many very popular Reggae artists. At that time the most popular of them was YELLOW MAN. C.B. (circuit breakers) accompanied him on his first U.S tour in 1982; And then in the beginning of 1983 in his Caribbean tour. After touring he stop with the stage scene, And started TARRIII MUSIC, only doing studio productions as TARRIII no stage performance with a TARRIII Band as yet. In 1992 he Started playing with a reggae band that's very vibrant in the New York, Connecticut, Long Island area, there name SPECIAL BRU..... Have opened up for the likes of YELLOWMAN, JIMMY CLIFF, BURNING SPEAR, DUB PROFESSOR, EEK A MOUSE.

And In short some of the venues TARRIII has played includes the Beat in Portchester, to the Madison Square Garden theater, to the great outdoor Arena Glenn Davis Baseball Stadium in St Thomas V.I. & he have spent the last three years writing, arranging, and promoting the

IN DIS TIME collection ofsongs, which was released July 23, 1997. He's been performing at promotional concerts and doing extensive radio interviews throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. Most recently, Actually in August, 2001 TARR3 AND NJOA release another TARRIII MUSIC CD titled ONE BAD (Includes 16 Mixes)

New release WORK HARD CD 2006 is Delroy latest project dropping a duo on the kansas classic DUST IN THE WIND. 11 songs CD.



Jawwbone Records

Songwriter / Vocalist

BORN: JOAN BRIGGS IN GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, U.S.A. AUGUST 12, 1965. In 1995 TARR3 in the studio and after the 16teenth hour the last 8 spent on harmonies, while recording a crucial part in the song titled *LIFE* on the CD - I.D.T. (in dis time ), he must have spent at lease 45 minutes on one word, *HOME* trying to find the right harmony, about 2:30am NJOA said I think I can if you show me, at this time in the program she wasn't even a amateure singer, never been in a studio but what the heck she had a could speaking voice if the singing voice was half as good TARR3 taught's was, that would be a blessing,

And then she sang in the microphone and it was a blessings pure angelicness and that's who NJOA join up as part of TARRIII MUSIC background harmonies and now lead vocal on some of the tracks on the titled CD ONE BAD RELEASE in 2001.

NJOA has completed two songs on the 2000 CD RELEASE ONE BAD. Her first singing gig was Aug, 2 1997 in Newburyport, Mass, USA. Her voice is soft, angel like, and only sounding sweeter with experience.

AUGUST 13, 2000. was the day the sound was heard at YASGUR FARM, two miles down the road from the original woodstock site, and they ROARED.

The re-arrangment of the ROLLING STONES **Angie,** Tarriii cover version is name **Andy-Angie**. She is also singing the lead on Tarriii's original **U SAY U TRY**, Found on the CD **ONE BAD**. But the sweetesr part is now coming to the top she is putting good lyric's together, and have wrote and recorded her first original lyrics, it's #6, title *RISE* on the ONE BAD, CD.

The 2006 release of WORK HARD CD find her covering another classic, Billy Holiday's hit.. COME RAIN COME SHINE also pulling a duo on another classic Kansas hit ...............................DUST IN THE WIND