Artist Infomation
      Tarriii (Delroy Pusey Tar3 drums-vocal & Njoa-vocal)
      3 regular stage crew plus alternate for guits and other instruments


Tar3 the leader of Tarriii, started his first band, the PERFIDIANS in 1974.    Playing reggae classics and writing original tunes he started off as the    guitarist and ended up as the drummer and heart of the band. They brought    to New York the life and soul of late    1970’s Jamaica and    Jamaicans in New York,    struggles and survival. As the PERFIDIANS winded down in 1980, Tar3 helped    form another band CIRCUIT BREAKERS, which became a back-up band for many    popular Reggae artists, most popular of them was YELLOWMAN. They toured the    USA and Caribbean with Yellowman as the opening and backing    band - Tar3 was the drummer and a leads singer, stunning crowds wherever he    played. From 1985-1992, Tar3 took a hiatus from touring and created TARRIII    Music to work on studio productions.  Missing the stage he returned to    performing in 1992 and played until with a reggae band in the New York area named    SPECIAL BRU.
1996    marked the first CD/Cassette release with "IN DIS TIME" (11 trks)    taking TARRIII to England    in '98 for 2 weeks of concerts and radio promotions. In August, 2001 TARR3    AND NJOA released another CD titled ONE BAD (16 Mixes), including a re-arrangement    of "One Bad Apple Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch (Osmond single)"    and "Angie" by the Rolling Stones, naming it    "Andy-Angie". TARRIII’s latest project drops in a rendition    of the Kansas    classic 'Dust In The Wind' and a reggae cover of the Jazz classic 'Come    Rain, Come Shine'. This 11 song CD, WORK HARD released in 2006 features    guests like Jim Nastic (Jim Brown), Chuck Turner, Ragga Lox, Scari, and    Runako Flax. Work Hard was sold in many Tower Records stores on the west    coast. Tracks from all three releases are currently for sale on most major    internet music stores and a select few are available in iTunes.
TARRIII    has developed a huge mailing list from internet plays and downloads which    spread from Argentina to    Australia and all 50    states of the USA.    With Delroy Pusey Tarr3 playing drums and singing and Njoa as harmony and    leads; with Sean Armstrong on keyboard; Tekil on Bass guitar you get the    basic 4 stage crew and some of Tarriii recording members. TARRIII had    slowed down bookings to a trickle since August of 2004 with the loss of both    Gersham Nembhard, Guitarist, in a 8-1-04 car accident in Atlanta,    GA and Runako Flax, Sax in a 8-25-04 drowning    in Ghana Africa. These losses made us take a break to recharge    for the journey.
TARRIII’s    hugely successful Green Tour 2007 brought them across the USA to Boise, ID, throughout Utah, Jackson Hole, WY, Colorado,, Kansas, New York and Rhode Island.  


ABG'S (Provo, UT)
   Addicted Cafe (Salt Lake City, UT)
   Monk's (Salt Lake City, UT)
   Teasers Sport Bar (Ogden, UT)
   The Reef (Boise, ID)
   Johnny's Tavern (Lawrence, KS)
   Ale House (Grand Junction, CO)
   Silver Dollar Saloon Grille (Jackson Hole, WY)
   Madison Square Garden (NYC, NY)

Ocean State Reggae Festival (charlestown, RI)
Stamford Music Fest ( Stamford CT)
Juneteenth Celabration Music Fest (White Plains NY)
Woodstock Music Fest (Bethel NY)
One World Arts and Cultural Festival (Peekskill NY)
Madison Square Music Festival (NYC NY.)
New Jersey Reggae Fest (Newark NJ)
Boston Music Festival (Boston MA)
Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming (Newburyport NH)
Florida Reggae Festival (Miami FL)
Glenn Davis Baseball Stadium (St Thomas, VI)

Backing + Opening for: 
-Dub Professor
-Eeka Mouse
-Dennis Brown
-Horace Andy
-Psychedelic Furs
-Black Uhuru
- Burning Spear
- Johnny Osbourne
- Augustos Pablo
- Mighty Sparrow
- Jimmy Cliff
- Toots and the Maytals
- Sanchez
- Chuck Turner
- Sugar Minot
- Super Cat
- and more...


      IN DIS TIME (1996): produced by Delroy Pusey Tarr3
      ONE BAD: (2002): produced by Delroy Pusey Tarr3 & Njoa
      WORK HARD (2005): produced by Delroy Pusey Tarr3 & Njoa

     10 songs from 3 CD's on constant streaming from
   where TARRIII has held the #1 ranking for reggae from July of 2006.
      Regular rotation on college radio stations and satellite radio