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Fave Five E-Mail of the Year

1. Hi, Someday you'll be first in the
billboard charts - believe me!! you just
need to make a few tweaks and heavily
promote it.... your music is very
very promising ! Please let me know if
cd or download is available to buy.
thank you for the music
Elliott- Phoenix, Arizona
E-mail 8-15-08 

2. Diggin the sound,
keep up the good work.

Poplar Bluff, Missouri
E-mail 10-5-08

3. I absolutely love your music. Is
there anyways I can get more
of your music cheers,
Chrysa W. New York, New Jersey
Email 10-5-08

4. Hi
I really enjoyed the music you have there.

Nice to hear somethign different.
Look forward to hearing more from you.

Martha -Stockton on Tees, UK.
E-mail 10-4-08

1. The show at Foley's last Saturday
nite was outrageously awesome!

Y'all sounded great an' I haven't
danced somuch in (blank) years...
(Hint to Brendan) Hope to see
you there every month!
Rock steady, man.
Gabrielle- NY, USA.
e mail 3-26-07

2. Tarr & Njoa keep on making great
music because there is always next
year! Last night we cranked your
music to keep our party cheering loud!
Amanda - Africa
e mail 2-22-07

3. Hey still got your Lick dem
song stuck in my head.  you're
awsome! Love the music!
e mail 2-23-07

1. Hi! i listened to all of your tracks on
numberonemusic three times today
:)in other words, iman BIG fan. hahai
love your music a whole lot. Garrett-Canada

e-mail 11-24-06

2. Make sure you make your way to Michigan.
I know tons of people who would look
forward to it Take care.
e-mailed 11-24-06

3. hi you are so talented and i enjoy
very much listening to your music.
thank you for doing what you love doing.
ONE BAD is brilliant
CARA - North Carolina
On Mon, 27 Nov 2006

4. hey i absouloutly love the song
Fields of Sound! its so addicting!
i love it ! keep making sick songsDavid- Utah

Sat, 25 Nov 2006

5. Wow, I saw you on number one site a
while back, and came and listened to you.
I really love your sound.

Keep it up!!
Alutha - New Mexico
On Sun, 26 Nov 2006

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Timberland For The Journey
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